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Daniel Malik
Cromer Heights, Sydney
NSW, Australia

I am a graduate with a bachelor of Design in Architecture and currently studying a Masters of Architecture from the University of Sydney, Australia. As well as architecture, my passions include product and graphic design. I have a large digital skill-set covering 2D digital and print design, 3D modelling and rendering, web design, photography & video, as well as experience with digital manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and CNC processes.

Alphaplus architecture
2011 – Present
Sydney, Australia
Architectural services / Draft person / Media / IT

I have had 6 years experience working for a small architecture firm specialising in architectural design for the pharmaceutical industry. I have contributed in many ways including architectural design, CAD drafting, preparation of documentation, Perspective Render production, Fly through video production, graphic design, spread sheeting and IT maintenance, as well as more recently taking on and leading projects of my own, from the concept stages, through full documentation, to construction and completion.

This experience has been invaluable in introducing me to the role of an architect. I have developed a full understanding of what is involved in the architectural process and have developed  the skills necessary to work through and fulfil that process.
Being a small office, I have had the privilege of being involved in all stages of the design and construction processes, and have had opportunities to be involved in and lead multi-million dollar projects for leading fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Lokal Design Workshop
2015 – 2016
Sydney, Australia
Designer (Digital & Print Media)

For a year long period I had worked part time as a graphic designer, focused on digital web design. Lokal Design Workshop is a Sydney design studio founded on principles of good quality craftsmanship in design. During my time with Lokal I was involved in brand development and print media jobs; However, My main role was to oversee the digital media arm of the business. I designed and managed all web based projects that Lokal received during my time there.
Working at Lokal gave me great insight into design industries other than architecture. It greatly strengthened my skills in graphic and web design & development, as well as improving my IT skills.
The education I received, regarding branding, marketing and design principles have been invaluable. It has been very important for me to be involved in and study all design industries, as they all play a part and can contribute to architectural design & practice.

Jewellery Designer

I was contracted to design a collection of rings for German jewellery company Stilnest. Stilnest specialises in designer jewellery; 3D printed and produced in precious metals.
This involved 3d modelling a collection suitable for metal 3d printing processes, which are made to order and are available from the Stilnest website.

2007 – 2009
Beacon Hill, Australia
Crew Member

I was employed as a front counter crew member at McDonald's for two years during early High school. Although just a casual job, it was of great value as it introduced me to the workplace, taught me about business and developed in me a strong work ethic.

Masters of Architecture (cURRENT)
2017 – Present
Sydney, Australia
University of Sydney

I am currently undertaking a Masters of Architecture course. The course is an intensive continuation of the Bachelor of design in Architecture course and prepares students for professional practice. Completion of the course is a necessary requirement for qualification as a registered architect from the NSW registration board of architects.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture (complete)
2012 – 2014
Sydney, Australia
University of Sydney

I have completed an undergraduate degree in architecture.

The course was comprised of intensive studio design subjects as well as subjects focussing on architectural history, communications and technology. I also undertook elective subjects which developed my skills in other creative areas such as manufacturing and photography.

This degree helped me develop skills in creativity and the design process in ways that office training could not. This, paired with the technical and practical training received from employment in an architectural office for several years, makes me a highly qualified graduate.

I excelled in my studies, constantly exceeding tutor expectations and receiving positive feedback. My grades reflect this.

Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design (not complete)
Mar 2011 – Nov 2011
Sydney, Australia
University of Technology, Sydney

I undertook one year of an industrial design degree before commencing a degree in architecture.

This year was highly beneficial, equipping me with skills in product design, production and manufacturing techniques, graphic & typographic design, as well as 3D modelling and rendering skills.

SKILLS / Technologies
.3D Printing
.3d Modelling
.3ds Max
.After Effects
.Web Design
.Microsoft Office
.Premiere Pro

I am a young architect who is dedicated to and passionate about what I create. Expression of creativity through design is a fundamental part of my identity and drives the way I observe the world around me, as well as the way in which I wish to make a positive impact to it.

I work tirelessly to finish the job at hand to its fullest potential, working well under pressure and meeting deadlines whilst still maintaining the highest degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

I follow direction and mentoring very well, as well as being able to show initiative and make decisions for myself. Due to experience I also work very well in a team, being able to communicate well and negotiate with other parties.

I believe my hard working attitude, attention to detail, passion for design and willingness to serve would make me a suitable candidate for any work environment and position.

.English (Native)
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