The Body Bio Bank is a local facility for the collection, processing and storage of biological material, predominantly for use in research and development. The Facility will contain viruses, bacteria and other biological matter potentially hazardous to public health, the local environment and more directly, to facility staff; for this reason, containment processes must be in place to mitigate risks of an outbreak.


The Body Bio Bank deals primarily with themes of Fragility. 

Specifically, the fragility present in our world & lives, often obscured by our culture’s tendency towards sanitation & order.

This is manifest through an anxiety felt at the realisation of the ever present fragility that surrounds us, in the frail character of the natural world, but also throughout the very systems, processes & technologies developed to bring a sense of stability to the world - A cognisance of the thin line that exists between order and chaos.

As a sense, it is akin to a cold gust of wind felt on one’s back when peering over a cliff’s edge. In that instant, from a place of stability to instability, one comes to appreciate the fragility of the moment.

The Body Bio Bank aims to create a sense of this concealed fragility that exists in a world presented as stable, exposing users to their own false consciousnesses and acquainting them with the weight of the processes and decisions they undertake. Furthermore, fragile architectural moments are introduced to enhance the facility’s containment capabilities, both physically and procedurally.

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